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A Talk With New Tindley Football Leader, Coach Edison.


Last week, I sat down with Coach Chris Edison, the 3rd football coach in Tindley’s young football program, and talked with him about his plan and his team moving forward.  On a personal note, I was rather impressed by how confident he seemed stepping into a new leadership role in a school who is known more for basketball and volleyball than football.  He was calm and collected.  To be honest, he was also rather inspiring.  See here:

How did you make it to Tindley?

Actually, the Athletic Director at Shortridge, Kathy [Langdon], she introduced us.  She referred me over here and it’s been a pleasure ever since.

How did you get your start coaching football?

Well my old defensive coordinator who was the head coach at [Arsenal] Tech, Coach Henderson, he brought me on staff when I graduated college.  So I started coaching at Tech.  Then, I went to Shortridge.  I was at [Arsenal] Tech for two years before I went to Shortridge and now I’m here.

What were your first impressions of the Tindley system?

When I first got here, I felt at home. I felt that this was a place where I could come in, grow, build my program, develop friendships, and ne14021491_1837912856443779_673185146013553292_ntwork with certain administration people here.  So, I’m very comfortable here and I’m very excited to be a part of the Tindley foundation.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I would say I’m most looking forward to the interaction with the young men here.  Being a mentor, being a leader, being somebody they can call on outside of football is something I’ll always cherish with these relationships.

Have any standout players?

We have a couple guys [smiling].  I like to wait on those things before I put anybody a pedestal.  But we have a couple athletes on both offense and defense. So, I’m excited to see what we have.  See me in about a month or so.

How do you deal with the high academic standards Tindley has for its athletes?

First of all, I’m for it.  Because the probability of them going to the NFL isn’t that great.  But them being successful and going to college, I’m for that.  So the hassle for me, won’t be on that side.

Has the turnout been good?

For sure.  They’re saying that we’ve gotten numbers like they’ve never had before.  So, the vibe here, it’s real right now.

Any inside scoop on your playbook this year?

Defensively, I’ll tell you that we go after the QB.  We don’t sit back and wait on the offense.  We’re a defense and we defend.  We force turnovers and we play aggressively.  Offensively, you’ll just have to wait see [laughs].

What your staff like?

We have four guys who came with me. Two of them came with me from Shortridge and two of them are new additions.  I’m happy to be working them.  Those guys help me in carving my skills and they teach me things.  So, I’m very excited about my staff, the students here, and the family.  We are a family.  We are Tindley.  Very excited to be here.

What’s it like building a program from the ground up?

It’s a great challenge for me; a challenge that I’ve accepted.  I really enjoy building something up, putting my imprint on something, and watching things come to fruitiong.  For instance, after practice today, I’m going to be lining the field.  That’s one of the tools I have right now.  I’ve gotten a stick liner from Arsenal Tech that I’ve borrowed from Coach Henderson and I’ll probably be out there all night with it.  That’s one of the challenges and I enjoy the challenge.

Do you think it’ll take that kind of dedication all year?

For sure. I think it’ll take that kind of dedication each day.  Each day that I step into this building, each day that I step into the facility, go to the practice field, we’re building it up.  We’re forming something special here and I’m a firm believer in that.

Do you have any goals for the team this year?

We want to come in and actually look like a football team.  We want to provide good comradery here; an “All for one” type of mentality.  We  just want to get better each and every day as a player, as a student, as a coach, as a father, whatever.  Our goal is to just get better. I’m not focusing on wins and losses right now because it’s August.  But, when that time comes, you’ll hear more from me.